Guidelines for Volunteers

Guidelines for Volunteers

Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District

 1. The Role and Responsibility of a Volunteer:
* The volunteer must fill out a C.O.R.I. form yearly with the BRRSD as required by the Superintendent’s Office.
* The volunteer must always conduct themselves as a professional and as a member of the school team.
* The volunteer does not discipline pupils and does not grade their work.
* The volunteer will dress appropriately. Use business casual as a baseline.  No ripped jeans. 
* The volunteer will refrain from drugs or alcoholic beverages before and during volunteer service.
* The volunteer will refrain from smoking/vaping in the school and on all school property.
 2. A School Volunteer must be Dependable:
* The volunteer keeps appointments and is prompt.  If a volunteer appointment cannot be kept, the teacher, main office, or person with whom the appointment has been made, should be notified as far in advance as possible.
* The volunteer signs in the Guest/Volunteer book upon arrival at school and wears a volunteer badge or other identification badge.
* The volunteer should record hours in the Guest/Volunteer book upon departure. 
 3. A School Volunteer must be Discreet:
* The volunteer must use discretion and never abuse the confidentiality of their service. They must sign a confidentiality agreement.
* The volunteer’s work is confidential. Information concerning students should not be discussed with anyone except the appropriate school personnel, both inside and outside of the building.
* The volunteer should check with the building principal or their designee regarding the use of facilities, keeping in mind that each building has its own regulations, and teachers may need to discuss confidential student matters with each other during their scheduled free time.
* A School Volunteer must be Reliable:
* The volunteer follows the direction of the teacher and does not hesitate to ask for more specific instructions when necessary.
* The volunteer should know and follow school regulations. If they have a question about school policies and procedures, they should be discussed with the appropriate school personnel.
* The volunteer should feel free to discuss concerns with appropriate school personnel  at an appropriate time.
* The volunteer helping children always works under the direction of a teacher or other authorized staff person.  Volunteers do not release a child to any other person.
5.  A School Volunteer must be Helpful to Children: 
* The volunteer is most effective if they:

-are patient and understanding with children.

-motivate students by praising their accomplishments, even if the accomplishments are small ones.

-build the child’s self confidence, helping the child to think of themselves as a successful person.

-bring to the attention of the teacher inappropriate pupil behavior if such occurs, since the volunteer.

-is not responsible for the discipline and should not handle discipline.

-assist in their own child’s classroom, take extra care to avoid showing partiality.  

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