2022-2023 Student Dismissal Instruction Form

The new school year is quickly approaching, and we are updating our school database to ensure that students arrive and get home from school in a timely, safe manner.  Thus, we want to ensure that our PowerSchool System has accurate/updated information listed. We are requesting that everyone please complete the attached Google Form by Monday, August 28, 2022.


We are getting ready to print and create our Transportation Tags for students and this information is essential.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mitchell School at:****gmesdismissals@bridge-​rayn.org

*We will be sending important information prior to the start of school with our instructions for Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up instructions and traffic flow patterns so please be on the lookout.*


Mr. Bray, Principal

2022-2023 CoVid-19 Information


B-R CoVid-19 Protocols

Fortunately, much progress has been made during the pandemic resulting in highly effective strategies such as vaccinations, boosters, and treatment for covid illness. This forward progress allows for the return to a flourishing learning environment, extra-curricular activities, and a school environment fostering positive social interaction among students and staff.

Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District has aligned it’s Covid19 protocols with updated August 2022 guidance from CDC and DESE/MDPH. **Universal Mask wearing, surveillance asymptomatic testing, contact tracing, quarantine due to exposure and test-to-stay are no longer recommended. Masks are required in the Health Office at all schools. (1)**Individuals who wish to mask due to increased risk etc. are supported to do so.

Staff or students testing positive for COVID19 are required to self-isolate for 5 days following symptom onset.

The symptoms of COVID19 may be different for every individual. Healthcare providers should be contacted with positive test results to develop an individualized plan of care.


● Difficulty breathing

● Chest pain or pressure

● New Confusion

● Inability to wake up or stay awake

● Blue lips, face, toes, or fingers

● Severe abdominal pain

Following the 5 day isolation, the following criteria must be met before returning to school:

1. Fever-free without taking fever-reducing medications for 24 hours; and

2. Improvement of symptoms; and

3. vigilant mask wearing for the next 5 days

*Note: Return to school should be based on time and symptom resolution. Repeat testing prior to return is not recommended.

Please contact your child’s school nurse with any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines.